About Wivan

About Wivan

Wivan Packaging Systems is the trade name of Van Wijngaarden Services. A well-organized and flexible operating company based in Harmelen. In addition to developing and supplying case packers and traypackers, we also offer maintenance services for end-of-line packaging machines of almost all brands (e.g.  Stork, Kisters / ZVT, Breda, Racupack, Kettner, Involvo).


Wivan is distinguished by its reliability, quality work and customer-oriented attitude.Commitment to our customers, providing solutions and transferring them into our products, sees Wivan as their primary mission.


We can develop the Wivan casepackers packaging module specifically for your product and tailored to your wishes and product. We will be happy to assist you in finding the right solution.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWivan Packaging Systems is the trade name of Van Wijngaarden Services. Van Wijngaarden Services was founded in 1999 by Wout van Wijngaarden.

The on-site activities consisted of repair, modernization and modification of machinery and equipment, especially for customers in the food industry.

Both the mechanical parts and the electrical and control technology have been developed and adapted by Van Wijngaarden Services for customers’ packaging and transport equipment.

Order books increased and engineering began to play an increasingly important role. Used machines have been modified and rebuilt. The demand for new machines with the corresponding control increased.

In the meantime, Van Wijngaarden Services has well-equipped premises, a large assembly hall and a workshop for mechanics and electronics.

Wivan Packaging Systems are fully specialized in the delivery of casepackers. Everything necessary for this is carried out by us in our house.

Van Wijngaarden Services has developed into a company of international standing and operates under the name Wivan Packiging Systems.