New machinery

Case Packer


Wivan supplies case and tray packers for various products. Our end-of-line packaging machines are suitable for packaging flexible and semi-flexible primary packaging such as bottles, jars, cans, packages, block bottom packaging, bags, tubs, etc..

Our machines are suitable for: tray, wrap-around cardboard, American folding box and display box.

The machine pictured here (Stork SL-25 basic machine) grabs packs of rice weighing 1 kg. in a 2 x 5 formation in a product-high tray. The tray is provided with a so-called décolleté on one side, so that the contents are partially visible.

The packs are fed in a horizontal position, after which they are stacked up and tilted upwards before being pushed into the tray.

This project is a good example of a used Stork SL-25 basic machine combined with a new formation system.

This machine was delivered by us to van Sillevold Rijst in Papendrecht.

Stork SL25

friesland-foods-6The machine shown here is a Stork SL-25 basic machine with a can feed track with compartment unit.

The 1000 ml cans. are packaged in a 4 x 3 cartridge in a Wrap around box.

This machine was delivered to Friesland Foods – Nigeria via ERMI Holland.friesland-foods-5

This basic machine is modulated to meet your packaging requirements. In doing so, Wivan always takes into account what matters to you: speed and reliability!